Many young engineers from East Asia feel overwhelmed with trying to perfect their ‘strengths’ and diminish their ‘weaknesses’ in English. The pressure to be ‘pretty good’ in communicating software solutions to work group members in clear and compelling English is not a stress they need on top of the already incredibly extreme competition to do well in their job.

‘Do I need to study grammar still? I don’t want to make mistakes.’

‘I don’t have any time and I’m just not a student anymore.’

‘I feel I can’t raise my ideas or concerns in my work group meetings. I’m not shy but it comes across that way because I lack confidence in technology English.’

‘It’s really hard to get the tech right in the first place. So English is an added pressure.’

Silicon English vows to do away with these confidence-crushing ideas.

By the time you’re reading this, you probably have competent grammar skills. So that’s why we’re going to focus on the urgent skills you need to make sure you are successful on the job.

Every online language site says they’re different but Silicon English really is. We take it to heart that we’re specific to the industry.

You’re busy. You are an adult. You probably have an incredible level of higher education. You’re curious. You’re a bit of a perfectionist. We get it. Silicon English is on the same page. Your page.

Let’s have a chat and we’ll show you how to disrupt your method and aggressively take your English skills to the next level. Quickly and confidently. Thanks.